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Private Lessons

Maureen Bruce

Maureen is a Class “A” PGA of Canada Head teaching professional. She possesses a tremendous dedication and passion for teaching the game of golf. With over 35+ years of experience and expertise, Maureen has the ability to identify and work with each individual to improve every aspect of your game. Maureen helps you reach the next level in a comfortable, relaxed and fun learning environment.

Contact Maureen: or call her at 604-367-8601.


*All lessons are paid directly to Maureen Bruce
*24 hour cancellation notice is appreciated
*All series must be completed this calendar year
*Prices and programs subject to change

Adult Private Lessons

The following Private Learning Programs are designed for the students who desire more personalized attention. All lessons are conducted one-on-one, maximizing the students learning curve and allowing the instructor to focus directly on the individual.

30 minutes $65
45 minutes $75
60 minutes $90
3-30 minutes

4-45 minutes





Semi-Private Lessons 

Take a lesson with a friend or family member. This format is a lot of fun and tailored to address specific needs of the twosome. Each session is 1 hour long.

1 session for 2 people $55 per person
3 sessions for 2 people $150 per person


*One hour session for 3 people is a flat rate of $40 per person per session.

Create Your Own Group (1 Hour)

Maureen will tailor these sessions to the request of the group. Since these are “custom” group sessions, we are unable to provide make-up classes if a session is missed.

4 sessions – 3 people $140 per person
4 sessions – 4 people $130 per person
4 sessions – 5+ people $120 per person


Adult Playing Lesson 9-Holes

Private $190
Semi-private $140 per person
3 people  $120 per person

Junior Programs

30 minutes $50
1 hour $85
3- 30 minutes $145
Semi-private 4 – 1 hour sessions $160 per person
1 Hour Adult with Junior $90

Swing Smart! Through quality instruction, whatever your present ability, you will develop knowledge and proficiency to enable you to continually improve your game! There will a special Range Card available for students taking lessons.